My travels to India began 30 years ago. The essence of India then, as it remains today, is reflected in its temples, textiles, rich colors, spices and vibrant life.


Inspired on my first trip by the abundant beauty, a recent journey was a mission to acquire a selection of textiles representative of the spirit of India.

Enamored by the colors and patterns of saris worn throughout India,

I was naturally drawn to these hand sewn quilts.

The quilts are made from repurposed vintage cotton saris, hand crafted by women in rural areas of India. Layers and sections of saris are arranged artistically and hand sewn together with a uniform running stitch. The size and number of stitches define the look and feel of each piece. The cloth is soft and most quilts are lightweight.

Traditionally, quilts were made within families. Now the craft is also a viable and welcome source of income, offering some financial freedom and independence. Women work from their homes, or alongside other women in their community. The quilts are ethically sourced.

These unique textiles can be used as a quilt, blanket, throw or hung as an art piece.